About Us

(Authorised Nissan,Datsun Dealer)

An Introduction

Dada motors was established in 1962 under the vision and leadership of Mr. Suraj Dada. Dada Motors is a home to Mahindra, Mahindra Commercial, Bajaj, Nissan, Kia, KTM, Tata Commercial, Tata, JLR, HP, Tata Hitachi. We have over 48 dealerships and workshops all across Punjab. Dada Motors is a one stop shop dealing in automobiles from 2 wheelers to 18 Wheelers. We have now also expanded our business to Southern Africa where we are distributors for Bajaj in South Africa and Madagascar. With a turnover of over 850Cr. The Dada Motors brand instills trust and confidence in every customer that walks through our doors.

Its People & Customer Philosophy

The Anthem “Relationship Through Services” itself depicts that team of 1200 employees is devoted to the common goal of delivering unmatched service to its customers & hence binds the customer in lifelong relationship. Dada Motors keeps on undergoing far reaching changes in many less – visible areas. It has adopted total professional approach right from recruiting, training to promotions.

The focus on employee’s satisfaction has made Dada Motors to be better equipped to respond to faster changing customer demands. At this point of time Dada Motors is well positioned for further growth.

Company History

The Chairman of the Group is Mr. Suraj Dada. He founded this company with his brothers in 1962. Mr. Suraj Dada and his brothers had family division in 1980. Now the Suraj Dada along with two sons Mr. Nitin Dada and Mr. Rishi Dada control / own Dada Motors Group.